How to name your order for easy searching in "My Orders"

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Lauren P
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Did you know?  You are able to name your items via the "My Orders" tab under your account!  This is super handy when you're looking to re-order items, pull invoices, or find details of what you did previously.  Keep reading to learn how!

Navigate to "My Orders"

To access your "My Orders" page, login to and then click here!  Alternatively, you can click "My Account" at the top right of your screen and then navigate to "My Orders".  You must be logged in to have access to this feature.


Navigate to the item you want to name

If you have your item or order number handy, you can search for it in the search bar.


If you don't have an item number handy, you can find it visually by scrolling through.  Don't forget to expand the window on multi part orders by clicking "view details".


Name your item

Once you find your item, you'll see an option to "add a custom name".  


Click this box and name it accordingly.  Make sure to click "save" when complete.


That's it!  Now you'll be able to search for your item by that name or keyword in the future.

Searching for your item

Navigate to the search bar within the "My Orders" pagenaming3.png

You can search by key words; you don't need to have the whole exact title.  For the example item named "Beer Stickers 2024", see how both "beer" and "2024" yield search results.  You must press return after inputting your search term.



What can I search by?

Users can search for an item number, order number or names

  • An item number search will show the expanded detail view of the item.  Clicking "view order" will expand to show the full order.
  • An order number search shows the expanded order view, with details for each item in the order. 
  • Name searches will show all matching results across orders, and a count of how many items in the order match the search criteria.  Customers can click "view order" to expand the full view of any of these items.

Can I edit a name already labeled?

Yes!  You're free to make any changes you like at any time.  If you are editing an order that is a reorder, editing a name will change the original and any other re-orders that were ordered from the same original.  Essentially, all re-orders are connected to the same original order.  If you change one, it will change them all.

I see some of my items already have a name.  How come?

This was a feature we had on our old website.  Items that have been reordered from an original placed prior to May 2023 will have the original file's name pulled over into the new database.  Don't worry!  You are able to edit the names however you'd like!

How do other customers use this feature?

In a focus group, we have found customers use this feature in following ways:

  • Name by their internal PO number
  • Name by their product name
  • Name by their internal SKU
  • Name with multiple key words

Can I name my item while it is in my cart?

Not yet!  But it is coming soon.  This is estimated to be deployed at the beginning of August.  

We hope you enjoy this feature and it helps you stay organized!




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