Where is my order?

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Looking for the status of your order? Logging into your account on our website and clicking "My Orders" is the best way to find which station your Stickers or Labels are currently at.

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Use this guide as a reference for what each station means. 

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Laying Out for Print

  • This means our operators are arranging your Stickers or Labels into the format the printer needs. 


  • This station is the actual printing of your Stickers or Labels on the requested material. 

Cutting at the Lasers!

  • The coolest station! Our real life lasers are cutting around the design to create the individual pieces of your product. 

Quality Check and Finishing!

  • We like to make sure things look PERFECT! Our team checks the quality of your product before Finishing, which means sorting and stacking Stickers or cutting smaller rolls of Labels. 

Boxing Up Your Item!

  • We are doing just that! Getting your Stickers and Labels ready by printing the shipping label and boxing everything up.


  • Ta-da! Your Stickers and Labels have shipped! 
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