What kind of sticker is easy to peel?


Looking for a sticker that’s easy to peel and apply? We’ve got you covered!


Our Die Cut Stickers are our most popular product due to their wide range of uses. They are cut to your custom shape, printed with full color and finished with a glossy or matte lamination. Die cut stickers have an easy to remove crack and peel backing, making them great for promotional events since they can be placed on just about anything!


Another easy peel option would be our Kiss Cut Stickers. These stickers come with a slightly larger square backing that the actual sticker peels from. Kiss Cut Stickers are great for stacking since they come printed on rolls, with or without perforations. Once the sticker is easily peeled, it will look the exact same as a Die Cut Sticker would!


Want even more fun options? Our Glitter Stickers, Glow in the Dark Stickers, and Holographic Stickers all come with easy to peel liners! With so many products to choose from, you’re sure to have an eye-catching, easy to peel sticker at your fingertips!

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