What do I do if I'm tax exempt?

Andi Fine
Andi Fine
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Tax exemption must be filed online through our website and can be completed in a couple of ways to initially file your certificate.

  1. After logging into your account, head to this page. From here, you can submit any tax documentation you need. Please note, that we require a tax-exempt form to be filed for each state you intend to ship to and the shipping information on your order must match the exemption state for the tax to be removed. 
  2. You can also fill out a new form during the order process. After building your cart, head to the checkout page. Once you confirm your shipping address and method of shipping, a "Tax Exempt?" button should appear under your order total. If you click on this button you should be able to fill out the form or upload a new certificate of exemption.


You have the option to either complete a manual entry form or to upload your tax-exempt documents.**

In some cases, there may be a delay between uploading or filling out your form and the taxes being automatically removed from your cart. Our finance team does need to review many certificates to ensure proper tax laws are being adhered to before we can automatically remove the taxes from your cart. Once your certificate has received approval, our team will be happy to refund the taxes on any orders placed with taxes paid. 


While our Giants are experts on stickers and labels, we cannot provide complete information related to tax exemption, especially since it varies by state. We suggest using your state government’s website as a resource for finding information on Tax Exempt Certificates and exempt statuses.


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to support@stickergiant.com


**All uploaded forms will initially show a "declined" status. This does not mean your exemption is automatically denied, it's a way for our finance team to review it. After they do, your status will be updated to "approved" if approved. Should we encounter any issues with your document, our team will email you directly. 


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