How to request your glitter stickers!

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Add a touch of sparkle to your creations with custom Glitter Stickers! They’re the perfect choice for bringing a bit of glitz and glam to any design. The best way to make your design pop is to choose specific areas where you’d like the glitter effect to shine through, and we can help with that! Our dedicated team of graphic designers are here to assist in setting up your artwork at absolutely no additional cost.

Here’s a quick guide on how to effectively communicate your glittery needs in your sticker design:Robot_REV.jpg

Option A - Glitter Border

The easiest way to add glitter to your design is simply by adding a glitter border. Your artwork will remain unchanged from what you submit, while our Art Team works their magic to add a shimmering glitter border. If you’d like to add a glitter border to your design, make a note in the “Special Instructions” box found on the Glitter Stickers product page. Simply type: “Glitter border please!”.


Option B - Glitter Background

Embrace the sparkle! Opting for a glitter background is an exciting way to infuse your design with lots and lots of glittery glam. Any transparent areas of your artwork or sections left without color will transform into a bright and shiny masterpiece. If you’re drawn to this dazzling effect, let our Art Team know by leaving notes in the “Special Instructions” box. You can say, “Please make any areas without color glitter” or “turn all white spaces into glitter.” This way, we’ll ensure that every spot without color sparkles with glitter.



Option C - Colored Glitter

Regular glitter adds a cool touch, but imagine having colorful glitter in your design! Dreaming of pink glitter? Consider it done. Fantasizing about blue glitter? Absolutely no problem. You have the freedom to select specific colors for a colored glitter effect. In the example below, the fireball in the StickerGiant logo is red glitter. If you want specific colors to come alive with glitter, simply let our Art Team know. Drop a note in the “Special Instructions” box that says “Make the red fireball red glitter” or “turn the robot’s dark blue helmet into blue glitter.”

It is important to note that the magic of glitter interacts differently with various colors. Darker hues tend to mask some of the glitter’s radiance, resulting in a subtle sparkle. On the other hand, lighter colors embrace glitter effects with loving, open arms, readily showcasing vibrant hues of glitter with ease.

OptionCV03 2.png

Option D - All the Glitter!

Why add a little when you can add a lot?! There’s nothing holding you back– like a kid at a craft table– glitter is everywhere. This full-glitter approach looks best when your design has strong contrasts and darker colors. If you’re all in for covering your sticker with glitter, leave us a note saying, “I want the entire sticker to have glitter.” If you’re feeling playful, make our Art Team laugh out loud with a comment like, “The glitter goose is loose! Glitter everywhere, please.”


These four essential tips to perfectly set up your artwork should be your go-to way to create the Glitter Stickers of your dreams. Remember, the sky’s the limit– you’re not confined to using just one! Feel empowered to mix and match any of these tips to elevate your design.

When you’re ready to bring your glittering vision to life, you can use the “Special Instructions” comment box to communicate directly with our Art Team. They are ready to ensure your Glitter Stickers are perfectly prepped and ready for print, exactly as you envision. This service includes adjusting your artwork so the glitter shines through only where you want it, highlighting the best features of your design.

To make a request, navigate to the bottom of the Glitter Stickers product page and look for the “Special Instructions” box. This is where you can leave detailed notes for our designers, specifying how you envision the glitter effect on your design.

Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 10.18.26 AM.png


If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our team to chat about what effect would work best for your stickers, send us a chat or an email, attaching your file with the request: "what glitter effect is best" and we'll make our recommendation!

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