How do I setup Sticker Sheets?

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When setting up your Sticker Sheet designs, the most important thing to remember is to leave enough room between your individual stickers on the sheet. This ensures for clean cut lines around every design that needs to peel off. Here is a PDF file with our Sticker Sheet setup guide.  Read more for some helpful tips on setting up your designs for printing as a custom Sticker Sheet!

How Big or Small Can a Sticker Sheet be?

Our Sticker Sheets can be printed in sizes up to 11x14 inches, which is also the largest size sticker we can print. As you can imagine, you can fit quite a few different sticker designs on this size of a sheet, especially if your designs are smaller, say around a 1 inch or so. We allow a max of 30 individual stickers per sheet.

How Do I setup my Sticker Sheet?


Step One

Sticker cut lines should be set up with at least 1/8" of space between them and the edge of the sheet itself.


Step Two

You will need to have at least 1/16" of space between your sticker's cut lines and the artwork of your stickers.


Step Three

You will need to make sure that there is 1/16" of space between the cut lines of each of the individual stickers on your sheet.


Step Four

Ensure all the corners in each of the individual stickers on your sheet are set up to be at least 0.04"


Step Five

Any artwork that you want to extend beyond the cut lines of the individual stickers will need bleed of at least 1/16" added.


That's it! 

Our Art Team will make sure everything is set up properly.  These steps are to ensure your sticker sheets print out beautifully! 


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