Materials Used for StickerGiant Products

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This material is a thin, yet durable film used for nearly all types of custom stickers and most of the custom labels we print. Our material measurements vary depending on what is selected. Our measurements are about 2.6 mil for white and clear products, 2 mil for glitter and holographic products and 5 mil for glow in the dark products. These vary slightly depending on your choice of custom stickers or labels. For all stickers and labels printed with this material, we print with a full color process and finish it with either a glossy or matte lamination.

Glow in the Dark

Our speciality glow in the dark substrate gets it's glow from a photo-luminescent film triggered by absorbed ambient light, making it visible in black out or low light environments. 

What about Adhesives?

We use a standard adhesive and apply it to all of our stickers. It is a general purpose adhesive that works very well for most sticker applications.

The Finishing Touches - Lamination and UV Cured Varnish

Glossy UV Lamination for Stickers

Our Glossy Die Cut, Kiss Cut and Clear Stickers are finished with a UV protective lamination that leaves your stickers with a shiny appearance. This lamination protects your designs for applications outdoors or on surfaces that get washed often, like water bottles or the bumper of your car. The glossy UV lamination we use will hold strong for up to 18 months with proper application.

Matte Outdoor Lamination for Stickers 

Matte Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers are finished with an outdoor durable matte lamination to protect your designs and keep them looking amazing for up to 18 months with the proper application. This lamination is water and oil resistant, making them ready to get your designs out into the world.

Standard Lamination for Custom Labels

Our custom Glossy and Clear Labels are finished with a shiny, indoor durable lamination to protect your designs from scuffs, water and oils while making your products stand out for your customers. Custom Labels can also be finished with matte lamination for a satin-smooth finish.

UV Cured Varnish for Paper Labels

Both our Glossy Paper Labels and Matte Recycled Paper Labels are finished with a UV cured varnish that protects designs, but also allows for these labels to be torn if needed. Labels finished with our UV cured varnish are safe to use with food packaging or other products where a safety seal is desired.

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