What sizes work best for Stickers Or Labels?

Lauren Proctor
Lauren Proctor
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When it comes to ordering custom stickers, one of the most important decisions is figuring out the best size to get. Choose a size that is too small and your design may get lost in the shuffle. Get a size that is too large and it may fail to impress your fans or potential customers.

Product labels often have specific size requirements and incorrectly sized labels may actually send out the wrong message for your brand. Since this is such an important decision, let’s take a closer look at some things to consider when deciding the size of your stickers or labels.

How Big Is That?

If thinking about the size of your custom stickers in terms of inches and dimensions is hard to visualize, here are a few size comparisons to things we see all the time:

  • A quarter is about an inch in diameter. This size works great for supporting branding labels or small, easy to hand out stickers.
  • An Oreo cookie is about 2 inches in diameter. This size is easily visible and will be seen if applied to the back of a phone or laptop.
  • Standard business cards are usually 2x3 inches and ovals and rectangles in this size are popular options. This size is easy to share at events to get your logo out in the world and also works well to label a variety of package sizes for versatility in your branding.


Sizes For Custom Shapes

Custom shapes that break the mold of symmetrical designs such as squares, ovals, circles or even hearts and stars can be tricky to fit into a common size. This is a reason we always offer FREE custom shapes and sizes! Choose “Custom Shape” when ordering your product and let us know the sizes you want your stickers or labels to be in the “width” and “height” fields. We’ll base the finished size of your sticker on your custom dimensions, proofing as closely as we can to it. We measure custom shapes based on the widest and tallest areas of your sticker, measured in a straight line across your design.


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