Which label product should I order?

Lauren P
Lauren P
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When conceptualizing your custom label project, there are a few things to consider:

What substrate would I like?

We offer a variety of substrates for our labels, and glossy or matte finishes on most.  Here is a breakdown of our options:

  • White BOPP Labels (available in glossy and matte)
    • Great for:
      • Food and beverage packaging, like bottles, jars, cans, bags, boxes…
      • Beverages of all types (cold beer here!)
      • Hold up strong in cold, wet environments—even freezers
      • Great for sealing food products & to-go containers


  • Clear BOPP Labels (available in glossy and matte)
    • Great for:
      • Food and beverage packaging where you can see the product through the label, like bottles and jars
      • Perfect on candles
      • Beauty & bath products, like shampoos, soaps, etc
      • Label organizational items and storage bins


  • Holographic Labels (available in glossy and matte)
    • Great for:
      • Add a little shine to things that aren’t shiny!
      • Give anything outer space, sci-fi vibes!
      • Great for beverage packaging, like bottles, jars, and cans
      • Cosmetic Products


  • Kraft Paper Labels 
    • Great for:
      • Any label needing a more natural look
      • Homemade products like jellies and canned goods
      • Organic products
      • Anything eco-friendly!


  • Glossy Paper Labels (glossy only)
    • Great for:
      • Pricing labels
      • Electrical service labels
      • Grab & Go Food Packaging



What kind of finish would I like?

Most of our materials have both a glossy and a matte option.  In the below image, the left is glossy and the right is matte.  It's really all about preferance!  You can't go wrong with either.



To what will these be applied?

Thinking about what you are applying your labels to will help you select a substrate!  If you're applying to a clear colored bottle, a clear label might be nice so you can continue to see through to whatever is inside.  If you are using the labels like name tags, you want to ensure the substrate can be written on.

How will these be applied?

Will you be hand or machine applying your labels?  If you are hand applying, you do not need any special considerations.  If they are being machine applied, you will need to consider the roll direction your machine requires.

What roll direction is do I need (if any)?

If you are machine applying your labels, do ensure you select the roll direction on the product page when ordering.

Roll direction options

Roll direction relates to how the labels come off the roll.  Use the image below to help decide which you require. 


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