Die Cut vs. Kiss Cut Stickers: What's the Difference?

Lauren P
Lauren P
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The main difference between these two popular sticker options comes down to how the sticker is finished with the backing. A Die Cut Sticker will be digitally printed and laser cut, with the backing matching the shape of the design. They are individually printed, making them perfect to stack, plus have a crack and peel backing for easy application. Kiss Cut Stickers are also digitally printed, laser cut, and come in two finishes - on rolls or on rolls with perforations. Kiss Cuts have a slightly larger square backing that the sticker itself peels from.

Both the Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers are digitally printed on white polypropylene for a durable product you can stick just about anywhere. Choose from glossy or matte lamination and enjoy free custom shapes with full color printing on both Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers. In fact, if you were to print the same design in a Die Cut and a Kiss Cut Sticker, once peeled from the backing, both of your stickers would look the exact same! To help you decide between these popular choices, we've outlined some of the key differences below.


About Die Cut Stickers

The key feature of a Die Cut Sticker is how the backing of the sticker aligns exactly with the shape and size of the sticker itself. The easy crack and peel design of the backing makes Die Cut Stickers simple to apply, display on a countertop or toss into a bag alongside a customer's purchase. Die Cut Stickers are available in either a glossy or matte finish and are printed individually. 

  • Sticker backing is always cut to the edges of your custom sticker shape.
  • Custom shapes are always FREE! 
  • Die Cut Stickers are stacked and shrink wrapped for delivery so your stickers arrive ready for display or handing out at your next event!
  • The crack and peel backing makes application easy! 
  • The custom shape of your Die Cut Sticker should be larger than 1” x 1”. If your custom design is smaller than this, our Kiss Cut Stickers would be a better option for you. 


About Kiss Cut Stickers

The custom shapes of our Kiss Cut Stickers are all laser cut and contain a slightly larger backer than the design itself. This means your custom shaped sticker will peel from the backing smoothly.

  • Our Kiss Cut Stickers will be finished on a roll, with or without perforations, making sure your stickers are ready to share as soon as you open the box!
  • If your custom sticker design is smaller than 1 x 1 inches, our Kiss Cut Stickers are a great choice for you.


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