Are your products waterproof or water resistant?

Lauren P
Lauren P
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One of our most popular questions!

Many of our products (all our stickers + our clear and white labels) are water resistant.*Our Glossy

White Paper Labels and Matte Recycled Paper Labels are not recommended for any type of product that will encounter water.

When applied to a clean and dry surface, Custom Stickers will stay applied for a long time while holding up to exposure from water, like rain or water bottles that are hand washed on a regular basis. Since our products are water-resistant, they are not recommended to be submerged for long periods of time, like on the bottom of a boat or with scuba gear.

**While our stickers do hold up to the elements, dishwashers may affect the lamination. We recommend hand washing rather than running through your dishwasher.

Custom labels are also water resistant and will hold up against oils and water, but are best used for indoor purposes where they will not be submerged in water regularly. 

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What are the differences between waterproof and water-resistant?  Check out the details to figure out what product is right for you here!

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