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Andi Fine
Andi Fine
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The smooth matte finish of matte labels provides unique ways they can enhance a design and stand out on shelves when labeling products or used as packaging stickers. Matte labels are safe to be used as food labels for items already in packaging, and work great as beer labels or for beverages of all types. With a water-resistant application, these labels will hold up strong in wet, cold, or dry environments (yep, even freezers! These labels work great for ice cream, yum).

Matte Labels are printed on the same material as our Glossy Labels, they just get a different lamination treatment.


The laminate is permanently applied, making these a 1 layer label when finished. They are always printed with a back-facing adhesive so they will have a traditional application feel.

We use a full-color digital printing process, making it possible to have as few or as many colors as you want - there are no color fees if you need more in your design! Our printing process also makes it possible for us to print with a lot of detail, including font sizes as small as 5pt when you need the fine print on your labels for ingredients, weights, or other important information your customers care about. 


Cutting with lasers means rounded corners, which has the added benefit of helping to prevent peeling once your labels are applied. Depending on your designs, we are able to cut tighter corners in many cases. If you want us to cut tight corners for your Matte Labels, let us know in the Additional Comments box in your cart. Our Art Team will take a look at it and let you know if we can cut tight corners with your designs (in some cases adding tighter corners can cut off part of your designs, which we can prevent with our default corner radius). 

Our typical corner radius is 1/8" (0.125")
Our tight corner radius will be 1/25" (0.04")


Check out the page for How to Setup Artwork for Sticker & Labels for tips and recommendations for setting up your label artwork files for the best results. 


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