All About: Clear Stickers

Andi Fine
Andi Fine
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Custom clear stickers are a stylish and modern way to promote your brand or showcase your designs. The transparent material lets your design shine through and gives any surface a sleek, professional look. 

Clear Stickers are fantastic as window stickers and can be printed with your choice of front-facing or back-facing adhesive. 

Choose a front-facing adhesive when you want to apply your stickers to the inside of a window and want your design to be seen from the other side. Think of all those window stickers in businesses in cute downtown shopping centers in most touristy towns!

Choose back-facing adhesive when you want a more classic application for your stickers. The adhesive will be on the back with your design on the front. 


These stickers can be finished in one of three ways depending on what works best for how you plan on using your stickers:

Finishing Options:

  • On rolls - we will keep your stickers on a roll, and only cut the roll edges of the backing to frame around your custom stickers.
  • On rolls with perforations - your stickers will be finished on a roll, but we'll add a perforation between each sticker in the backing. This option is great for displaying and selling multiple designs from roles, or event stickers that need to be torn easily and handed out fast.
  • Individually diecut - These will come cut to shape, with a backing that peels from the edge of the sticker. 

Artwork for Clear:

There are a few things to remember for clear sticker artwork. We require either fully vectorized artwork, or a file at least 300 dpi at your requested size, with a transparent background layer for any areas you want to be clear! We designate our clear material with a light blue background on your proof. Any area with that blue color will be transparent on your sticker, so make sure your art is set up with those areas in mind. 


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