What if I need color matching?

Andi Fine
Andi Fine
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Full-color process printing is done with a combination of four base colors called CMYK printing. These are made up of the colors cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y) and black (K). Full-color process printing allows us to match nearly any color in your designs with 95% color accuracy, as long as your original design is built with a CMYK color profile. 

If your files are built in RGB, Pantone or Spot colors, we will convert to CMYK to print. This will cause a shift in the colors of your design. If you are in need of a very specific color, please provide the CMYK values that you would like to match it when placing your order! 

Even if your artwork is built in CMYK, there is a chance the colors will vary from what you see on a screen compared to the in-hand printed version because of a difference in color settings. You can read more about this process here

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