How To Outline Fonts in Adobe Illustrator

Andi Fine
Andi Fine
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With so many custom fonts in the world of graphic design, there may be a chance your logo or artwork has a special or unique one that your printers may not have. When having your artwork printed professionally, whether it's a flyer or stickers, custom fonts can be a tricky part of the process. If your printer doesn’t have the same font files as what was used in your designs, our Art Team may not be able to match it correctly. This is particularly true if your design has to be scaled up or down to size.
To make sure the fonts used in your artwork keep the same great look when your stickers are printed, send over your additional font files with your design files. Doing so will ensure our Art Team has the same fonts you used in case they need to scale your artwork up or down for your custom sticker size. You could also outline the fonts in your file in Adobe Illustrator by following the steps below.

Step 1 - Identify Your Fonts

Open your file in Adobe Illustrator and identify the fonts you need to outline. Use the Selection Tool to select the text you want to outline. If you love keyboard shortcuts, the letter “V” on your keyboard will also activate this tool for you quickly.


Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 11.04.12 AM.png


Step 2 - Create Outlines

With your text area highlighted, navigate to the Type Menu and choose the option to Create Outlines. This will automatically outline all of the text within your selected area and enable you to resize your artwork while maintaining the design quality of any text in your image.




Step 3 - Verify

Before finishing and saving your file, take a moment to verify your font has been outlined. Select the View Menu and choose the Outline option. This will show you the individual points and lines now surrounding your fonts. The dots represent the now scalable path around your text that will easily resize up and down as needed.


outline2.png outline3.png


You can also save your file as a copy to avoid making any permanent changes to your original artwork. This is helpful if you think you will want to make changes to the fonts in your designs in the future. Once your fonts have been converted to outlines, this means you have also changed your fonts from a type text to an outlined and scalable image element within your design.
With your text outlined, your file is ready to go and can be uploaded for printing your custom stickers! Additionally, you do not need to worry about sending over any specific font files.
If you need any additional help getting your artwork ready to send us for your custom stickers, just let us know. We offer free artwork setup services to help you get everything ready for printing your custom stickers!
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