I didn't receive a proof

Andi Fine
Andi Fine
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Proofs are most commonly emailed out within one business day of submitting your order.

Here are some ways to check to see if your proof is ready! 

  1. Search your email for "Your Proof for Order". Check your junk and spam folders just in case!
  2. Go to My Orders on StickerGiant.com and click "View Proof" on the item waiting. If the proof is ready, you will be directed to a page allowing you to approve or request changes. If the proof is not ready, clicking that will just show a thumbnail of your item.

You will not receive a proof for an item that is a reorder if you approved it after May 21, 2023.

Reorders are automatically sent to our printers to save you time and get your order out the door even faster!


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