How retail businesses can use stickers as products

Lauren Proctor
Lauren Proctor
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If you own a retail business, adding stickers to your product variation helps increase a memorable point of sale that your customers will love. Let’s take a look at how retail businesses and artists can add custom stickers to their lineup of products!

As a product for sale in your retail business, custom stickers are an economical way to quickly boost your inventory selection. When you have your own designs printed, you can give your customers something unique they won’t find anywhere else.


Another option is to mix and match your custom designs into sticker packs! This lets you control the theme and design of the stickers in your packs, plus you can group multiple designs for easier tracking of your inventory.

New designs can be added in a display by your register or anywhere in your store as individual stickers for your customers to purchase. You can even include a mix and match deal and offer a discount when your customers choose a certain number of stickers from your display. With a far lower price point than other merchandise, a sticker is the perfect take-home item for your customers, plus they travel far and wide after being stuck on something! 

With Sticker Sheets, you can work with the sticker area surrounding your peel outs to include branding and product SKUs or UPC codes into your designs. This gives you an easy way to scan your new sticker products at the register, and then quickly enter them into your inventory for any Point of Sale system. Sticker Sheets are a great addition to your business since they offer multiple design peel offs and help advertise your brand at the same time!


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