All about: Window Stickers & Decals

Lauren Proctor
Lauren Proctor
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What are window stickers?

When it comes to branding your business and products, custom window stickers offer an economical, and low maintenance way to share your messages with your customers. Getting the right type of window sticker for your needs is also important in order to get the most value from your branding efforts.


About Clear Stickers

Clear Stickers are digitally printed with full color, these stickers also have a white ink layer set behind the artwork to help your designs be seen clearly. Clear Stickers are also printed on a clear polypropylene with a UV laminate for versatility in both indoor and outdoor settings. These stickers can also be printed with a front facing adhesive to be used on the inside of a window. Since they are made of a durable material, with a self-sticking adhesive, these stickers can also be used on car windows, and in outdoor settings.

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